Excerpts from Genocide: A Comprehensive Introduction, Fourth Edition - by Adam Jones

Genocide: A Comprehensive Introduction

Genocide: A Comprehensive Introduction,
Fourth Edition

By Adam Jones, Ph.D.
Routledge/Taylor & Francis Publishers, December 2023

Text Excerpts

These excerpts from the 2023 fourth edition are posted by permission of Routledge/Taylor & Francis. They are in .pdf file format (requires the Adobe Acrobat reader). The excerpts may be freely copied and distributed for educational and other non-commercial purposes, if the author and publisher are credited. They should not be reposted on the Internet.

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| Why study genocide? | What this book tries to do, and why | Acknowledgments |

Chapter 1: The Origins of Genocide

| Genocide in prehistory, antiquity, and early modernity | Naming genocide: Raphael Lemkin | Defining genocide: The UN Convention | Bounding genocide: Comparative genocide studies | What is destroyed in genocide? | Multiple and overlapping identities | Dynamism and contingency | The question of genocidal intent | Contested cases of genocide | Is genocide ever justified? | Further study

Chapter 6: The Jewish Holocaust & The Nazis' Other Victims

| Introduction | Origins | The turn to mass murder | Debating the Holocaust | The Nazis' other victims |

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